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Are you needing a reliable and trusted removals service in the Springbourne area? Then look no further. We are a large team of removals specialists that provide a number of moving services including:

  • House & Home removals
  • Office removals
  • Cross-country moving
  • Furniture removals
  • Domestic removals
  • Commercial Removals


    No job is too small for us and we aim to provide a completely tailored service to each of our customers’ needs. Not only do we aid our customers for a range of different moving services, we also offer bespoke packaging, boxing and valuable item protection. 
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We take care of all the goods we move and are fully insured. We are local to the Springbourne area, as we are with the whole Dorset area in general. We’ve managed thousands of moves across a range of services, so you know we are a trusted moving company in Bournemouth.

Springbourne Based Home
Removals Company

Moving house in Springbourne can be a stressful time and we are there to make things that much smoother. We want to take the heavy load off your shoulders and our friendly team are there every step of the way. Upon point of contact we always arrange a home visit to be able to evaluate the projected cost of the move ahead. Once we have priced everything up we give you an up-front time-frame and cost of the removals process. Our team will then offer additional services including packaging & storage using the best materials and the safest storage facilities.

On the moving day, we take extra care to make sure you and your family are comfortable and we begin the removals service. Depending on how big the move is, we have a fleet of vehicles at our dispense that can handle any size of move at hand, and specialist vehicles to handle delicate or difficult to move items in your home. If you’re moving from a ground 2nd floor flat or a 3 floored terraced house, we have staircase mounts to make sure we can carry out all removals jobs. As said previously no job is too difficult for out specialist removals team in Springbourne.

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We know the Secrets

The secret to a successful move is in the organization phase of the move. Take extreme care when choosing, organizing, packing and moving. This can be the difference between having a stressful removals process or having an exciting experience when starting a new stage of your life in a different home and area.

Do not Overload

Do not load unnecessary things from your old house to the new house, a move is like a new opportunity to start from scratch, a different energy, new things, a new life, a new opportunity to start fresh. If you take all your old clutter to your new home, it will feel like a burden that needs to be lifted. Free yourself from all those things that bring you bad memories, that you don’t use, that you don’t need, donate them, give away, sell, recycle, but take only what you really need with you. You can add new items to your new home over time and you will feel better for this.

Flat-Packing your clothes

Organize clothes in your new house quickly and easily, you just have to carry them on their hooks, put them in groups and insert them in a plastic bag hanging on their hangers. If you really want to be super-efficient, we recommend flat packing your clothes and using an air tight suction tool. This allows for you to pack more clothes inside the bag and take up as little space as possible. When you arrive at your new home you will only have to take it out and place it in the closet, with a super simple procedure you already have the clothes in place. Do not throw the bags, you can reuse them.

Springbourne Removals Service

Removals bournemouth packing

Generally, our removals team in Springbourne is contacted with at least 10 days in advance, during which time you have to compare budgets, sign a contract with the selected removal company and make a list with all the furniture and personal belongings that will be transferred. If necessary, the moving company itself will be in charge of supplying moving boxes a few days before the transfer so that you can organize everything and store it in boxes. It is advisable not to overload the boxes with a lot of weight, so that each box should weigh a maximum of about 20 kilos.

It is advisable to label each and every one of the boxes that we fill in, as well as write on the box the word “fragile” in those boxes that contain crockery and other delicate items, so that when the moving operators take them they know they have to take extra precautions so that the boxes do not suffer any damage.

Moving House or
Business Premises?

Removals in Springbourne process is something that cause stress, it happens to everyone, even if we are the calmest people in the world. To make a move happen you have to do paperwork, pack, deal with contracts to do with your new property or office, tidy up all the papers of the old house, worry about all the items you are taking with you and we must take care that all those papers are protected when it comes to moving. A loss of important documents while moving can be disastrous and only add to your stresses. Organize everything so that you can find it easily, assemble a moving folder, where you organize all the papers and important documents in a manageable folder. If you have everything organized you can rest assured that you have done your best to minimise any problems that could arise.

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Removals bournemouth packing services

Pack a suitcase with the basics so you can use everyday things on the first day before unpacking. Sometimes with the rush and stress of wanting to pack the whole house we forget that we will be extremely tired when we arrive at the new property, and that the last thing we want is to open 5 boxes to find our essentials and toothbrush. We recommend that before packing, you pack a bag as you would if you were going on holiday. That way you don’t need to go routing through random boxes to reach the important daily essentials and take it easy when fully unpacking for your life in your new home.

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