Bournemouth’s pubs boast of the forging of gastro grub, the
feel of a pint in your hand, and crackling fires. It is no wonder the pubs in
Bournemouth are so beloved. There are several pubs in this city to keep your
throats quenched suitably from classical local boozers to gastro newbies and
new tangled palate pleasers. Here are some of the best pubs in Bournemouth.

The Libertine

The Libertine is a relaxed gastropub in the heart of
Westbourne. It embodies everything good about the British gastropub. It is a
tidy, neat, and polished pub exuding a community spirit. Their menu has
something for all tastes from steaks to homemade pizzas. If you are just coming
for a pint, The Libertine has a wide range of ciders, beers, and ales as well
as cocktail delights and fine wine. This compelling and cosy pub is happy to
host you any day of the week. It also features a rustic outside dining area
which comes into its own on hazy summer evenings.

Chaplin’s & The Cellar Bar

Chaplin’s & The Cellar Bar is an award-winning ale house
that combines fine restaurant and creative cocktail bar. It features foliage
fringed, flamboyant, and fun garden which makes it the ideal spot to sample a
selection of craft ciders and real ales with friends while soaking up the kooky
Charlie Chaplin character of the place. It showcases a unique vibe with its old
school and quirky interior with walls dressed in expressionist inspired
paintings, framed newspaper mementos, as well as black and white portraits. Its
exterior sits awash with fairy lights and ornaments. Chaplin’s & The Cellar
Bar pride itself on organic and locally sourced produce. Their home-cooked
meals feature European inspired meals and wholesome British dishes.

Key West

Key West restaurant, bar, and grill can be found at the end of
the Bournemouth Pier. Apart from the modern and fresh cuisines on offer, you
will also get to enjoy the stunning views of the beach. Key West is the perfect
spot to grab lunch and dinner. They also have a wide selection of sundaes,
desserts, and light bites in their menu. During the summer months, you can
catch Bournemouth’s stunning sunsets, soak up the sunshine, and relax on their
large sun terrace.

The Bournemouth Stable

The Bournemouth Stable is one of Stable’s largest locations
and it can be found in the heart of Bournemouth. With plentiful seating both in
and outside the pub as well as gorgeous botanical décor, it is worth grabbing a
table upstairs for a view over the Lower Gardens. It offers an extensive range
of sourdough pizzas and ciders. If you are looking for a comfortable and
relaxed dining experience to share with friends and family, the Stable is the
ideal place.

Brewhouse & Kitchen Bournemouth

This is one of the best places to visit for any sort
of beer in Bournemouth. It offers over 50 craft beers, a vast wine
selection, and an enviable spirit and gin list. They brew a wide range of unique
seasonal and core beers. Apart from its wide selection of tasty beers, they
also offer a hearty selection of burgers and other foods. There is even a
unique beer garden beach hut where you can relax.


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