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Appliance Packing & Reconnecting

Among all the different things that are to be packed for a move, the most difficult and tricky one is packing appliances around the house such as refrigerator, TV, stoves, dishwashers, washing machine, dryers, and others. If you have only recently bought a few appliances or the appliance you have is covered by warranty, you do not want to leave them behind.

Unlike small appliances that can be packed easily, large appliances are bulky and need to be disconnected from gas and water lines before they can be pulled out. Utmost care is needed to avoid gas or water leak that can be quite dangerous. Moreover, any unwanted damage or scratches during the move process may impact the functionality of the appliance or interfere with its overall aesthetics.

Packing your home appliances need patience, proper planning, and the right expertise. Many people wait for the last minute to have their appliances packed resulting in damages once they arrive at the new house.

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 Also, packing and then reconnecting the appliances at the new house can be stressful and tiresome. Our team of packers at Bournemouth Removals offers professional appliance packing and reconnecting services to help ease the process of moving. If you need help with Furniture dismantling & assembling, then give our office a call today.

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We Provide Packing Boxes

If you do not have the original boxes for your appliances, our team comes loaded with a wide variety of boxes to house appliances of different sizes. The materials we use while packing includes padding materials, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, marker pens, strong sacks, and more to allow us to pack your appliances in the best way possible.

All Appliances Treated with Respect

We understand that your appliances are high-value items, and you want them to reach your destination in the best condition. All your appliances are handled skillfully and with care. Our skilled team work swiftly but with diligence to make your move smoother and stress-free.

Technical Knowledge

Instead of taking on a DIY project, it is best to hire an appliance packing and reconnecting specialist who has the technical knowledge to disconnect the appliances in your old house and reconnect them properly at the new place. Our professional team is trained to handle all types of appliances of different brands. They have performed hundreds of connections and disconnections over the years, so rest assured of receiving fast and efficient services.

Always On Time

Our team members are punctual and are always running on the clock to ensure the move is completed as per the schedule. Over the years, we have improved our effective packing methods for home appliances to be moved without any hassles or damage. We aim to work swiftly but do not compromise on the quality of the packing. Once the move process is over, our team would work with you to place and reconnect the appliance as per your specific needs.

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Book Your Professional Appliance Packing and Reconnecting Team at Bournemouth Removals

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1.Request our appliance packing and reconnecting services on the phone, online or in-person at our office.
2. Receive professional packing supplies delivered to your doorstep.
3. Meet our skilled and experienced packers and they would expertly handle the disconnection and packing of the appliances.
4. Once the appliances are delivered to the new location, sit back and relax while our skilled packers unpack and reconnect them.

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At Bournemouth Removals, we aim to unload your moving related worries completely. With years of experience in the moving and packing industry, we have developed a keen sense of understanding of our clients’ needs. It is this intuitive understanding that comes with experience has helped push our expertise to the level where we strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Trust us with your appliance packing and moving needs by calling us today!