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Full House Packing In Bournemouth

Among the many stressful situations that one has to go through in their lives, moving is among the top five. Packing all the different items in the house for the move can be stressful and emotionally draining at times. No matter how early or how meticulously you plan your packing, it is sure to get you down as the moving day arrives.

Packing is a huge logistical project that most people underestimate. If you are moving and there seem to be no end to the number of items that need to be packed, hiring a professional company like ours will help reduce the stress to a great extent. Bournemouth Removals offer comprehensive full house packing services in Bournemouth to suit all your needs. Our staff members are fully trained to pack and protect your belongings – from bed linen and clothes to fine China, kitchen items and glassware. We also offer an appliance packing & unpacking service.

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Types of Professional
Packing Services

Different items in your house will require a different type of packaging. Our moving company and full house packing team are extremely diligent when it comes to packing, as it is the most important stage of the entire moving process.


Even though we recommend professional packing for your moves, we understand that it is not always possible. It is why we offer advice, support and all packing materials you would need, such as boxes, wardrobe containers, wrapping paper, tape, bubble wraps and TV boxes. We can also have a couple of our team members arrive at your home for a few hours to assist you in packing.

Fragile Packing

All fragile items in your house such as antiques, valuable items and delicate items will have an extra layer of bubble wrap before placing in the packing crates. The team at Bournemouth Removals are highly skilled in the art of fragile packing because it really is an art!

Export Packing

Export packing is popular with our international removal as they ensure that your belongings reach the destination in the best condition. Export packing includes additional layers of protection to the crates to protect them during transit. All our international removal services use export packing.

Blanket Wrap

Blanket wrap packing is used for large pieces of furniture that cannot be dismantled. All these items are wrapped in specialized thick blankets to protect them during transportation.

House Packing Bournemouth
Removals bournemouth packing services

No matter what packing options you choose, our team at Bournemouth Removals will ensure that your house is fully packed and ready before the day of the move. Depending on your property’s size, our team develops a packing strategy and gets the job done typically within a day. Usually, our team members arrive a week before the move, but the schedule can be flexed according to your needs. All overnight items are left to be packing only on the day of the move. We recommend retaining a box of essentials you can directly take to the new destination.

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Book an appointment online to allow our team members to come to your home and assess the items that need to be packed and get a competitive quote on our full house packing service.