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What size van do I need?
Please use a ‘Volume Calculator’ and determine the space you need. Typically, a Transit size van is approximately 350 cubic feet. Our vans are 6.5 tonne gross (3.2 tonne payload) with a volume of 750 cubic feet max.

What does part load mean?
If you don’t have sufficient items for a full van and can ‘fit in’ with another small load to the same general area, you can benefit by sharing the cost.

How do I pack?
If you mean pack the van, do not worry as the driver will provide all the expertise to make best use of the space. To pack smaller items, use good strong cardboard boxes. They will need to be stacked and flimsy boxes will collapse. Wrap breakables well, especially mirrors and glass goods. There are ample blankets supplied for the protection of furniture in transit. Crockery and glassware need plenty of padding as van suspension is firmer than a private car and loosely packed items will rattle.

Can I specify collection and delivery dates?
Yes. As a small independent removals company, we hope to compete with the huge removers so we try and provide a service that they cannot always manage. Wherever possible, for dedicated loads, we can collect and deliver on the day and time of your choosing. An element of flexibility is inevitably required for part loads.

What is a Volume Calculator?
It is to help both you and us determine how much space you require. The list of normal household items has a built-in average volume and, if you insert a quantity in the appropriate space, automatically totals the goods and provides both cubic footage and cubic meterage at the top of the page. It is intended as a guide only, though, so we would advise always to use caution when booking a particular size of vehicle. Even if we find we cannot help you on this occasion, the information will be needed by your eventual carrier.

Are there weight limitations?
Yes in some circumstances. An over-weight vehicle can be a huge problem if it is stopped in a traffic check. A typical household move can easily exceed the legal carrying capacity of a 3.5 tonne van, as used by many small carriers (payload approx. 1.25 tonne). Our 6.5 tonne van will legally carry over 3 tonnes so you need have no fear that traffic authorities could impede delivery due to being over-weight. (A driver can actually be compelled to unload sufficient goods to bring the payload down to legal limits, at the kerbside if necessary)

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