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Is Bournemouth a Nice Place to Live?

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Is Bournemouth a Nice Place to Live?

With efficient transport links, educational institutes and an array of attractions and activities to enjoy, living in the town of Bournemouth is perfect for anyone who loves the sea. Bournemouth is served by 3 railway stations, so you can visit different UK locations without any problem. It’s also among the few towns in England that still implements selective education. Bournemouth has 2 grammar schools, 2 universities, 10 secondary schools, 26 primary schools and several independent education institutes, so it’s a great place to raise a family.

Best Neighbourhoods in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is among the more prosperous towns in England. The best neighbourhoods in the city include Westbourne, Malmesbury Park, Bear Cross, Strouden, and Talbot Woods. Westbourne, in particular, is hugely popular among newcomers. It has a lot of coffee houses, independent shops and a classic arcade where you can buy souvenirs.

The crime levels in the city are also lower compared to the national average, which means that it’s a safe area to live. Crimes such as illegal possession of weapon, robbery and drugs are extremely low as well. Major crime areas in Bournemouth include East Cliff, Kinson, Boscombe and Townsend.

If you’re travelling by air, you will most likely arrive at the Bournemouth Airport. The airport offers direct flights to more than 23 destinations in 9 countries. Bournemouth has a thriving nightlife as well. Pubs and restaurants offer a lot of delicious food and drinks to locals and tourists alike. Bournemouth is also home to vibrant arcades and shopping malls where you can buy goods on credit.

Bournemouth Removals Attractions page
Bournemouth Removals Attractions page

What About the Employment Rate?

If you have decided to live in Bournemouth, you will have to find a job here. The national unemployment rate is 4%.Bournemouth’s unemployment rate is only 3.5%. The average yearly salary in the city is £37,200, which is higher than the nationwide average of £36,600.

However, there is a massive salary difference between males and females in Bournemouth. The average national salary difference between males and females is around £9,000. Females earn around £29,700 per year, while males earn about £41,500 yearly.

Part-time workers make up about 40% of the city’s workforce, which means that there are plenty of part-time jobs in Bournemouth. Around 95% of the city’s population work in the service sector. The main industries that employ people in the city include food and accommodation, retail and wholesale trade, human health and social work activities and insurance, banking and finance. Major companies in Bournemouth include Unisys and J.P Morgan.


Bournemouth is a nice place to live. The sandy beaches and remarkable attractions speak for themselves, but the prices of properties in Bournemouth are not cheap. So if you want to move to Bournemouth, you should start saving up as early as now. The type and price of property will depend on the neighbourhood where it is located. You can own a house in Bournemouth through mortgage. Rental properties are also available. Again, the price of rental properties will depend on the neighbourhood where it’s located and the kind of property you want to rent.

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